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David Haynes was born in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. He was the youngest of four children. His early years in South Carolina were spent in a musical environment since his two older brothers played several instruments including the drums.


David's entry into the music business started in 1994, when he was asked to do a drum clinic at the International Drummer's Meeting in Koblenz, Germany.


Dennis Chambers, Simon Phillips, Trilok Gurto, were on the same festival that year. The following year, David did his first tour with sax great Gary Thomas in Europe. Shortly after, playing at the 1996 Frankfurt Music Messe show, David met Sheila E (of Prince fame) and bassist Rhonda Smith and guitarist Kat Dyson.


This in turn led him to playing in recording sessions with Prince at Paisley Park.


Since then David has worked with numerous international recording artists that includes


Chaka Khan, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Joe Zawiul, Randy Becker, Percy Sledge, Gary Thomas, Mary J. Blige (MTV awards 2002 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City), Stanley Jordan, Lee Ritenour, Les McCann, Frank Ocean (Coachella Festival 2012, California James Simpson, Joy Denelane (Germany), Ayman (Germany) Mousse T. (Germany), Andrew Roachford (England), Till Broenner (Germany), to name a few.


In 2008 David was a Grammy nominee with Stanley Jordan.


Currently, David is playing drums for the conscious hip hop group, Arrested Development.


Although David is an accomplished drummer, has arguably has become renown for his finger drum playing. David posted a video of his finger drumming, on YouTube in 2007. The video gained extensive attention, massive popularity and was featured on the front page of YouTube for three weeks. His unique finger tapping technique enables him to play a drum machine as he would a drum kit. Videos of his finger drumming have been regularly featured on YouTube, earning him over three million full play hits.


In 2010, David "Fingers" Haynes was featured on a BET commercialthroughout the month of June for Black Music Month. The commercials how cased his unique finger drumming technique.


David Haynes is currently working on a trailer video for his upcoming finger drumming tutorial DVD. He was also, featured in the February 2011 issue of Modern Drummer magazine where he spoke about how he started playing the drums and finger drumming.


David is living in Berlin, Germany, currently working and touring as the drummer of Universal Music artist Till Brönner.




R'n'B/ Soul/ Jazz/ Funk /Pop

















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