ELEVEN is a creative agency,  originally founded in London, England, the agency is based in Berlin, Germany, since 2013.


As an exclusive managing /production and public relations agency,  we take care of your interests, mainly in business and creative management, consultation, public relations and collaborations with brands.


We support you in the best possible way, close to the continously changing market.


Through our years of experience in the international music business, we have established a global network of partner agencies, producers, labels, publisher, distributors and booking agencies and can offer a comprehensive and holistic artist support.


We also create image and product concepts and develop marketing and media strategies.


As a PR Agency we advise and support our clients in strategic image building, the positioning of their products and personalities as well as in the conception, coordination and realisation of media friendly PR activities and PR events.

What we do



  • International Artist Management Representation 
  • Multi-territory Live- / Tourmanagement
  • International Production Management



  • Planning, budgeting and execution of Marketing & Media strategies 
  • TV, Radio, Print and Online PR
  • Multi-territory Tour Promotion
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Multi-territory Single, EP and  Album release
  • Multi-territory Touring


 Promotion / PR

  • advise and support in strategic image building
  • positioning of your product and personality
  • conception, coordination and realisation of  media  friendly PR  activities and PR events. 
  • TV, Radio, Print  and Online PR 

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