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David Haynes is one of the most extraordinary musicians of our time.

The Grammy-nominated drummer from South Carolina has been with many international artists on stage or in the studio, since the end of the 1990s, including Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Prince, Joe Zawinul, Randy Becker, Stanley Jordan, Percy Sledge, Mary J. Blige, Lee Ritenour, Arrested Development, Weathergirls, James Simpson, Joy Denelane, Ayman, Mousse T. , Andrew Roachford, Ronan Keating, and Frank Ocean.


Since 2012 David Haynes lives in Berlin, Germany. There, he works and tours with Grammy Winner and Universal artist, jazz trumpeter Till Brönner, among others.


David is not only an accomplished drummer, he is also known as the pionieer of finger drumming. This unique finger tapping technique makes it possible to play on a drum computer as if it were a drumset.


With breathtaking speed and impressive feel, he accompanied a few well-known scene icons on his little pads at a young age, and is still a sensation at drum festivals and music shows.



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